Sunday, July 09, 2006

Iron Warrior strikes terroristsBy Cpl. Michael Molinaro
2nd BCT PAO, 4th Inf. Div.
FOB KALSU, Iraq – Soldiers from 5th Battalion, 4th Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, and 1st Squadron, 10th Calvary Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, conducted Operation Iron Warrior June 25.
The purpose of the mission was to locate terrorists and the safe houses they use for moving and assembling roadside bombs and other weapons used against Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces in the Rashid region.
Using the element of surprise to kick off the mission, Soldiers were air inserted into the region by Black Hawk helicopters, anticipating the terrorists’ tendency to flee with the sounds of Humvees and Bradley fighting vehicles approaching.
IA Soldiers took the lead as the “Buffalo Soldiers” from Troop B, 1st Sqdn., 10th Cav. Regt., stayed in the back awaiting the call for assistance that never came. Soldiers on the ground and combat aviation assets in the air cordoned off the entire area, enabling the Iraqi soldiers to thoroughly search every house suspected of harboring terrorists and weapons.
The mission was a success as three terrorists were detained by the IA. Soldiers confiscated one rocket-propelled grenade launcher, 10 RPG rounds, four artillery rounds, five personal radios used to detonate bombs, seven mortar rounds, two AK-47s, three suicide vests, five hand grenades, four bayonets, five rifles, a PKC machine gun, six anti-tank mine fuses, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a video camera and other roadside bomb making materials.
“Any day that we get rid of roadside bomb materials and the cowards that build and put them on the road is a blessed day,” said Lt. Nasir, platoon leader, Company C, 5/4/6 IA. “We are happy to be working with the Soldiers from Troop B, 1-10 Cav., to help the innocent people.”
The IA conducted themselves in an extremely professional manner, were very disciplined and did not destroy any property during the mission, said Capt. Brian McCarthy, commander, Troop B, 1st Sqdn., 10th Cav. Regt.
“I was very pleased with the way that Lt. Nasir and his platoon conducted this operation,” McCarthy said. “I look forward to conducting more operations with this fine group of soldiers.”
The ISF are working very hard to make Rashid safer and to rid it of terrorists and terrorist activity. Operation Iron Warrior was the first of many the Iraqi army will conduct in the area, Nasir said.


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