Sunday, July 09, 2006

Iraqi Force raid nets 7 insurgents in Baghdad
BAGHDAD – Iraqi forces conducted an early-morning raid July 9 in the Kadahimiyah area of northwest Baghdad, capturing seven insurgents as part of the Operation Together Forward Baghdad security plan.
Iraqi Army forces raided two separate objectives, and then ‘flexed’ to three additional objectives during the pre-dawn operation while Coalition Force observers looked on.
During the operation, nine insurgents were killed and two more were wounded. The wounded insurgents were treated on the scene by Coalition medics.
Iraqi forces also seized several AK-47 assault rifles on the scene.
One Iraqi soldier was wounded seriously during this operation. He was evacuated immediately to a military medical facility in Baghdad for treatment.
Three Coalition Force advisers also were wounded. They were treated at a local aid station; their injuries are not life-threatening.